Battle For Dream Island
3D Layout and Animation - Maya / Unreal Engine / After Effects​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Battle for Dream Island is a web series created by Cary and Michael Huang (aka jacknjellify) on YouTube. It revolves around a bunch of anthropomorphic objects who are competing in a competition to win the grand prize of Dream Island, a luxurious island. Collaborating with Battle for Dream Island, Glorious Goats Animation (founded by Coby Palivathukal) helps animate the 3D alternate universe scenes.
As a Layout Artist and Lead Animator, I am responsible for setting up the project file as well as building the characters, creating cinematic sequences with camera and mocap animation inside Unreal Engine, polishing and cleaning up mocap data for body and facial performances, and compositing for when scenes when needed.
More episodes and content coming soon!
BFDIA  Episode 9: Catch These Hands (3D alternate universe scenes)
(Here's the link to the full episode)
Executive Producer and Creative Director: Coby Palivathukal
Lead Animator and Layout Artist: Clara Yun-Cheng Chou

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