The Space Tour - immersive attraction ride
3D Previs & Layout - Maya / Unreal Engine​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
An immersive short commissioned by Inspire Resort in Korea. This short is made for an attraction show ride with a 180-degree screen and includes complex camera animation to give the audience the feeling of flying in a spaceship.
Responsible for set dressing, 3D previs/layout (camera and staging), animation, lighting, and rendering. 
Company: Robopix Digital, Inc
The Space Tour starts with the introduction of Sky City. During the tour, the spaceship is sucked into the wormhole that pops up from nowhere unexpectedly. Through the wormhole, the spaceship arrives to another universe. The spaceship flies close to dock inside a mothership.
(This project is unreleased, please contact for the password)
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